Bradford Roleplayer Seeking Local Contacts

In an attempt to maintain my activity in this apparently waning hobby I have created this page, in the hope that the miracle of the internet search engine can put any prospective contacts my way.

Tony H: Male, Age 48, Located in Queensbury (Bradford) West Yorkshire, BD13.   

Looking for local (Up to 15-20 miles) contacts of not too different age (30+ years old).

Has played: AD&D, D&D (3rd / 3.5 Edn), King Arthur Pendragon, Call of Cthulhu, Champions, Runequest, Traveller and more.  Some GM-ing experience.

Also experience and interest in playing strategic wargames, such as 'Empires in Arms' or 'World in Flames'.

Please feel free to get in touch with any interest, or leads.

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Page last updated 1st Feb 2012